startup marketing by startup people

You probably want to work with an agency that understands your needs. One that knows how to get results without the big budgets and resources of large brands. We're that agency, and our business is intentionally structured to work with you.

  • We don't maintain a physical office to keep overhead down and pass along those saving,
  • We focus on hiring people and working with partners that have in-house startup experience, and
  • We manage our account load to provide every account with the attention it deserves to achieve results.

We're building a different kind of marketing agency.


Hear what our customers have to say:

Startup Marketing Services

We help startups by providing web design, content marketing, social media, public relations and marketing strategy to help build awareness among your target audience, generate leads and delight investors. Marketing isn't a cost of doing business, it's an investment your business, and we're here to help.



Whether you’re running a pilot to assess product-market fit or you’re ready to go-to-market, we’ll help you find customers and delight investors with the right branding, messaging and growth plan. More...


Public Relations

A targeted public relations and analyst relations program increases brand awareness and credibility with influencers, investors, customers and prospects. More...


Content Marketing

Buyers don’t want to give out their contact information unless they get something of value in return. Content marketing is that value. We’ll help you produce relevant content offerings like eBooks, infographics, guides and whitepapers your prospects will want to download. More...


Social Media Marketing

Whether paid or organic, social media can be a powerful channel to attract, educate and convert customers, but just throwing up tweets won’t help you meet your goals. We’ll craft and execute a comprehensive strategy to reach your audience. More...


Websites & Landing Pages

The website is the modern storefront. To be successful online, you need more than just a good design. We help find the right site strategy and messaging to resonate with your audience and beat the competition. More...


Marketing Analytics

How will you know you're making progress if you're not measuring results? We ensure that every account has clearly identified goals that let both us and you assess performance and success.

We work with some amazing startups

Here's just a few of them:


Why Series N?

With us handling your company’s marketing, you’re free to concentrate on your organization’s core values. This strengthens your value proposition and maximizes sales and marketing ROI.

Marketing Blog

When we're not blogging for clients we try and write about marketing, PR, content strategy – and more. Read it here, or subscribe so you don't miss any tips and tricks to help your startup grow.

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Let’s talk about what you’d like to do better. We’ll lay out the options and give you advice on where to start, and if we're not the right fit your, we'll tell you that too and help you find the right firm.